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Improv Dallas actors train for, and book work in, Film, TV, commercials, voiceovers and corporate event performances. 


Beginning in 2012, Improv Dallas creator, Wendy Pennington,  set out to share her years of Improv training in Los Angeles with Dallas, TX, actors and models. These actors and models quickly booked paying work with their new improv skills and word spread solidifying Improv Dallas as a top training place for acting. Then companies such as Fidelity, Cigna, Top Golf, and many more started calling for company team-building fun using Improv technique. Other companies called asking for leadership training with Improv. These events were successful and you'll see rave feedback and reviews on this website and on Facebook. 

Along with performing, teaching and leading at Improv Dallas, Wendy has been directing award winning short films for the past several years. She finished a film producing class at Sundance  and directed her first commercial for a national company during the Summer of 2020.

See more about her and her work here: 

Wendy Pennington

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