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  • Fun and Learning - Improv workshop
    Mar 05, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM CST
    Dallas, 1232 Crampton St, Dallas, TX 75207, USA
    Contact if interested in this workshop
  • Improv On-Camera Acting intensive with demo footage to keep
    Jan 08, 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM CST
    Dallas, 1232 Crampton St, Dallas, TX 75207, USA
    This great workshop is for the auditioning actor to polish up on taped audition skills, vloggers needing on camera skill and anyone who wants to practice for camera. Your footage will be sent to you via download for demo clip use. Yes, and, IMPROV skills! Show 'em!
  • Improv Acting - 4 Sessions
    Jan 15, 2:00 PM CST – Feb 05, 5:00 PM CST
    Dallas, 1232 Crampton St, Dallas, TX 75207, USA
    This 4 week workout will focus on the top improv techniques for listening, adding, presence, creative thinking, character work and more. Laugh, learn, create and enjoy life more with Improv! Meeting Sundays 2PM to 5PM

"The improviser’s skills use emotion, action and imagination to produce a story, characters, props — and a world — out of thin air. This creative experience is powerfully satisfying to the brain, which feasts on the activity and the joy of discovering moments and scenes that range from wildly comic to wonderfully compelling. The process of brain-to-brain and social-emotional interaction makes improvisation training uniquely effective for strengthening the capacity to cope with uncertainty, manage anxiety and boost the creative thinking that is so essential to navigating an increasingly complex world." The Mental Health Benefits Of Improv

Improv is producing something onstage from little more than a suggestion and your own imagination.

There is technique that can help you be great at it! (We teach that!)

For actors, acting is all about reacting-responding naturally to what has been said or done onstage. Since acting is reacting, there is nothing that will build your acting skills faster than improv. 


Classes are lead and taught by long time sag/aftra union actress, award winning short filmmaker, producer, screenwriter,

 Wendy Pennington

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