Wendy Pennington

Creator and director of Improv Dallas, Wendy Pennington, worked for 14 years in Hollywood with the likes of Steve Martin, Fred Willard, Tim Conway and so many more. Now directing and producing award winning short films and commercials, she leads with a focus on professionalism and impactful storytelling. She will soon been seen on screen opposite Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming TV series, "Tulsa King." See more at the link...


Our short films have been nominated and won major film festival awards. Watch some at the link.

Acting Classes with Improv

Since 2012, Film, TV and commercial actress, Wendy Pennington, has taught improv skills to enhance success, joy and more.

Casting Directors

We get some of the top guest! Stay tuned for the next.

Corporate Events

We bring Improv to companies large and small for team building and leadership training.


You can count on our professional workshop for fun and success.

Looking for something fun? Heard of Improv but not sure what it is? Well you've come to the right site. My name is Wendy Pennington. I am a long time screen and stage actor, now an award winning director, producer and screenwriter.


I started specializing in Improv as an actor about 25 years ago. My training includes the famed Groundlings in Hollywood and so much more. I've used my improv skills both in my acting roles and my business endeavors.


In 2012 I starting teaching Improv to actors in Dallas after 14 years of training and working in Hollywood. Soon Improv Dallas grew to become the Dallas talent agents number one place to send their actors and models for training... because our actors work. 😃

In 2014 The ID Comedy Troupe, made up of top, advanced Improv Dallas students, took the stage in Dallas for a public performance. A list of actors who grace the screen in national commercials, TV series and films, plus a Broadway standout, wowed the crowd with roaring laughter. We did many shows that year and in our audience were company leaders who called and asked if we could train their employees with these valuable Improv Games. I have been sharing these improv techniques with companies ever since. 

I call Dallas home, yet travel for both on screen roles and corporate trainings for team building, sales and leadership skills.

Yes, and, you can fly me to your event too. I've enjoyed many great company events in Dallas and out of town, working with talented business people, and I'd love to work with yours.


Find much more by browsing this site, and contact me for your fun booking now here (Hello Wendy)

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