"The improviser’s skills use emotion, action and imagination to produce a story, characters, props — and a world — out of thin air. This rich creative experience is powerfully satisfying to the brain, which feasts on the activity and the joy of discovering moments and scenes that range from wildly comic to wonderfully compelling. The process of brain-to-brain and social-emotional interaction makes improvisation training uniquely effective for strengthening the capacity to cope with uncertainty, manage anxiety and boost the creative thinking that is so essential to navigating an increasingly complex world." The Mental Health Benefits Of Improv


Classes are lead and taught by long time actress, award winning director and screenwriter, Wendy Pennington.  Her recent film, "Service Animal," that she stars in and directed, WON First Place in the "The First Glance Film festival in Los Angeles." It will show in November in Philidelphia in front of major industry professionals. Currently, she stars in and cowrote the short film, "Red Dots," which was just accepted into the Miami Film Festival. Her and her team are gearing up to cast and film their next two films. In the beginning,  her first film role was with Steve Martin in, "Sgt. Bilko." She then played a recurring role on the full final season of, "California Dreams," where the director constantly encouraged her improv. She has been working in commercials, TV and film ever since!

Improv is producing something onstage from little more than a suggestion and your own imagination.

For actors, improv is the ultimate teaching tool.  Acting is all about reacting-responding naturally to what has been said or done onstage. Since acting is reacting, there is nothing that will build your acting skills faster than improv. 

Classes are taught by long time actress, Wendy Pennington. She has been teaching in the DFW area since 2012 and both kids and adults have gained much success booking TV, Film and commercials while studying with her.  Casting directors and Dallas talent agencies recommend her classes to all of their talent.  You will find student reviews on Facebook here. Wendy began acting in her teens and quickly booked a commercial using her improv skills.  She then moved to LA for 14 years. She worked with Steve Martin, Tim Conway, Adam West, Geoffrey Rush, Marion Ross and so many more during her years in LA.  Her improv training includes studying at the famed Groundlings on Melrose. Before leaving she worked at Disney studios doing voice ADR improv.

Currently Wendy is enjoying success with her award winning film, "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue," where she stars and co-wrote the story.  Her and the filmmakers are heading to Paris, France March 6-10 where they represent Dallas as the winning team.