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Wendy Pennington
Creator of Improv Dallas, Wendy is the fearless leader who is often referred to as The RingMaster! Ready to play and bring the smiles, she is also a loving Wife and Mom. Proud member of SAG/AFTRA (screen actors guild). Award winning filmmaker on her last 3 short films, including one she directed. See reviews for more!
Paul Flanagan
He does a smashingly spot on Obama. Actor with film and TV creds. Loving Husband and Father.
Lou Williford
"LUCY!" People, this Lady brings the funny. She always gets the audience laughing and her characters are so memorable people talk about them for years. Broadway darling, Lou W.
Stuart Glass
This guy is an award winning short film screenwriter and that's just recent accomplishments. He can bring the house down with his witty dialogue.
JD Hearn
Actor, Husband, Father... funny man!
Steve Corder
Only 1 of these is real: a. He's a Doctor; b. He's a Firefighter; c. He's a mustache competitor.

b. b. b.

But he plays all 3.
Sandy Kay
This "Julia Child" impersonator is so funny, it brings tears of joy. Sandy is a loving Mom to not only humans, but her sweet canines too.
JD Davis
Jett Green
A bonafide beauty and firecracker!
Caroline Askew
Guadalupe Reveles
Energy so bright, she shines in every scene.
Caroline Zurmely
Small but mighty, this one is a force onstage bringing witty comebacks and compelling storylines.
Monica Perez
Shayla Grimsley
Angie Granada
David Fremerman
Always in disguise, we can not disclose his real identity. You may NOT contact him. If he shows up at your show, sit back and wait for the zingers.
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