5 Star Review from CIGNA

Five star rating for Improv Dallas!  Wendy and her team provided an exceptional experience as part of our corporate team building event.   Wendy is amazing at what she does—she is a gifted & talented actress and improv coach.  As a team, we were not experienced in improv (and we were also a new team who did not know each other well).  We spent the time laughing and feeling bonded from the experience.   We also learned some techniques that will be helpful in terms of communicating with one another.  On a side note, we were running late from a meeting on the other side of the city and Wendy waited for us—she went above and beyond in her coaching and overall delivery of the improve experience. I would highly recommend Improv Dallas for a fun night out or a corporate event.  We just cant wait to see Wendy and her troupe perform. -Jodi Palerma, Cigna Corporation

Team building

Corporate Improv Training Baylor University Pro Sales Event

"LOVED the Improv Class!"

"Gained significant sales training tips through the Improv workshop.  Listening and responding with empathy is key to connecting.  The Improv training really opened me up."

"OMG the Improv workshop was so much fun. Wendy truly knows what she's doing and you can see she loves it.  She showed me by simply listening, instead of preplanning my next pitch, I could answer with a stronger point of interest."

August 2017

Improv Classes

Wendy's Improv class is by far my favorite class I have been to yet! Wendy has helped me to be more creative, outgoing, and confident whether I'm in an audition or just in my everyday life. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for the best Improv class to take! I mean who doesn't want to pick up a hitchhiking talking giraffe in a Toyota Prius! I know I did! - Brandon Wittmeier

Student testimonials

Corporate Entertainment: April 26, 2016 NCURA Corporate Event

"I would recommend Improv Dallas for any corporate event, they were professional to work with and very flexible down to the last minute.  They kept the crowd engage and laughing the whole performance!"


"Great performance, kept me laughing till the end!”
“Would recommend in a heartbeat!”
“Hilarious group, great chemistry!”
“Just when you least expect you were rolling on the floor laughing”
“The range of age and diversity of the group worked really really well together.”
“The older lady was so funny loved her!”

Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center

Corporate Entertainment: March 26, 2016 The JCC Dallas

Improv Dallas brought excitement, enthusiasm, and laughter to our event. They were funny and relevant - they even adapted their performance to fit our group’s needs! They engaged and involved the audience. The troupe was very professional and easy to work with from start to finish. We can’t wait to have them back at our next event!"

Performed for over 200 teens

Public Show Nov. 28, 2015

"The whole night is about fun, and this group excels at it. Lots of quick thinking creativity poured off the stage in ways I could never have dreamt up."


Jim Land, Irish Fiml Critic

Critic Review

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