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What have companies said about Improv Dallas team building events?

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

PAYCOM June 22, 2023

60 Employees lead by ID's Top 3 Trainers

"We had so much fun!! Everyone is raving about how much they enjoyed it!"

LUMIN DIGITAL May 26, 2023

40 Employees lead by ID leader, Wendy Pennington

"Thank you Wendy! The event was great and everyone talked about how much they loved it."


35 Employees at FC Dallas Stadium

"I cannot thank you and your team enough, we had a great time and have already started using some of the tools we learned from you! Our team was so impressed with your ability to get us involved! Thank you for sharing the games, we are excited to play them in our personal lives as well as at work. Overall, we are just so grateful for the warmth and kindness from you and your team. You gave us an opportunity to let loose and laugh with our colleagues which has led to stronger bonds among us!"


45 Young Women at ATT Performing Arts Center

"Not only did Wendy save the day by filling in last minute for an instructor who canceled, but she also took the time and care to truly understand the goals of our event and crafted an engaging, educational, and fun experience for our students.We look forward to working with her again soon!"



"Five-star rating for Improv Dallas! Wendy and her team provided an exceptional experience as part of our corporate team-building event. Wendy is amazing at what she does – she is a gifted and talented actress and improv coach. As a team, we were not experienced in improv (and we were also a new team who did not know each other well). We spent the time laughing and feeling bonded from the experience. We also learned some techniques that will be helpful in terms of communicating with one another. Above and beyond in coaching and overall delivery of the improv experience. I would highly recommend Improv Dallas for a fun night out or a corporate event!"

Yes, and we can bring the fun, techniques, training and all to your group.

Yes, and we've travelled as far as Nashville so don't be shy about asking if we can come help your team.

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